New Life, New Me.

It’s been 18 years since i was born in this damn world, spend my time in a tiny little city. I grew up now, i think it’s time for me to see a new opportunities that may come ahead me. well, new life, new pressure, new me i think. I hope is not the worst. Even i know sometimes life is not always easy, but I hope I had at least a good ending to myself, futhemore to people and society around me.
Moving into brand new places, is definitely not easy. one thing that made it hard for me was memories. but life is a choice, isn’t? And I choose to be here, in one of the crowded city place in the world. Don’t get me wrong, just because  i moved, it doesn’t mean i don’t love the place i lived before. I do love it, but I need to find the best of me in life. So, if you want to judge my decision excuse yourself! *kidding

One reason that bring me here firstly, was continued to study in college. until, two night ago, when i had a little conversation with my aunt about my activities. i think it’s good for me  to find a job to spend my time  here. Then here iam walking on the warm sunny morning yesterday to catch my train that brought me to the place where those big opportunities comes up, i hope so!

we can’t find a character from comformity, isn’t?

wrote on 24th May 2017

Scars to Your Beautiful


I wrote again,

i know the title sound like a song, but it is.

I just wanna confess about what happened to me for the past few  week.

I felt insecured, always, all the time, like hell.

I thought in this case, i’m not alone.

I swear so many girl out there feel  the same way.

it’s normal to felt insecured sometimes,

we probably  felt like we’re not enough for someone or everyone,

we also though that life and society will judge us if we’re not that perfect or that normal,

to be honest,

life is that hard and that rude, sometimes.

It’s  like we’re the victim

sometimes we are, or we think we are.

you know wise people said that “we’re the one who control our mind and everything that happen in our life, and so does the responsibility”.


i just wanted to share that don’t give up just because things are hard.

Stay strong, even a rainbow need a rain to make it come true, so yeah.

Lots of love,


Paris, Te Amo!

City of Light, thats how I describe Paris in a word. The place where I met him and his glamorous shinning life that I hated. But one thing that made Paris its name, because of him and time that finally met the destiny.


Eiffel tower, a symbol of a glamorous Paris as a hometown of the fancy Louis Vuitton, or the elegance of Choco Chanel.

Who don’t know about the unique of Louvre Museum, the place of the most famous Mona Lisa by Leonardo Davinci.

Everyone knows about the marvelous Notre Dame Cathredal with its iconic architecture.

There is no such a good leader history as a Napoleon Bonaparte and its Arc De Triumph building.

And nothing as classic as a French language and its romance story of Romeo and Julliette.

For me, Paris is everything that i could Imagine. I’ve dreamed to go to Paris since when I was kid. I cannot believe I finally could breath the Paris air at the age 24. If someone asked why i could get there, the answer is Dream, believe, and Do it. Nobody say it was easy, but it doesnt mean it cannot be achieved.

Ah yes, i went to Paris for work. I work as a representative of my Country in Embassy Office. First month had been very busy with work and adaptation. Second month, I started to find a good Cappuccino and croissant to enjoy every weekend above the most famous Eiffel Tower. Third month, I knew how to spoke French fluent and talking in French with a local people. Paris had begin a bit bored at the forth month, and my routine becoming just a routine, untill one day.


That day was a Saturday, I walked around the new area outer the tourist atrraction to find an air. Suddently I seen someone familiar. He bring a cup of Starbuck while playing a ball.

“Draxler right?” I started to say something

“Oh yeah, hey” answered a boy name Draxler a bit shocked.

“I tend to watch a football, and I saw someone familiar. Well, yeah of course you familiar. Draxler a young player of DFB -Germany National Football- team” I explain

“Yeah, sure” he asnwered with a simple smile

“You play for France club?” I asked

“Oh, yeah I played for Paris Saint Germain” he answered

“Cool, PSG has been a team full of star. You’ve been pretty lucky can play there” I praised him

“Haha, Kind of. It’s more like such an honour could play there.” He laugh and starring directly into Eyes

“Ah, you very humble. What are you doing here anyways? Didnt have a schedule of training?” I asked again

“I just got Injured. And besides PSG played today, so there is no schedule of training” he answered

“But you’re Draxler. I though that you’re not allowed to walk around freely like this” I confess

“I’m bored. I need a fresh Air after a recovery I guess?” He answered with a funny mimic.

“You’re naughty little boy. Anyways, what time PSG played today?” I asked

“07.00 PM. If you don’t mind we could watch the match together. Will you?” He is asked

“Hmmm, but no special threat. We watch on a tribune, agreed?” I try to negotiate

“Agreed” he answered.



The game for about to begin. Draxler never appeared, he say he want to toilet. But it’s almost 30 minutes since he left.

“Hey, eat this and left a refference” Draxler showed up with two slice of pizza at the box and two starbuck coffee. I’m just smilling and put one slice of pizza.

“Hmmmm….. this is so yum, the cheesee is amazing, but there is sour taste of it. Like a sauce but no is not, is a great combination” I said while chewing the pizza

“That’s mustard. And this is my favourite pizza by the way” he confess

“Ah, I see. You really have a good sense of taste. This is yummy” I said honestly

“Haha thank you senhora. Hey the game is about to begin” he said and sitting next to me. He’s right there’s the PSG player about to kick off the ball.

“Hey Neymar played” i said amaze starring at him

“Hmmmm, you know Neymar too?” He asked

“He’s my favorite. I just know that he moved to PSG” I said honestly

“Nice choice, he’s a nice guy. Above everything about his glamorous life” he explain

“I know” I reply shortly

“How did you knew?” He asked with a naughty smirk

“It stated in his face clearly. But the pures one yea” I reply

“Hmmmm, there’s a fangirl girl here people” he said with a naughty laugh

“Damn you” i answered, punch his shoulder. He just laugh after it.

“So sorry senhora, but we should keep the head in the game right now” he said

“You’re the one who started being jerk sir” i reply. He just smile and we watch the match after it.

The first half is done, PSG is lead with a Neymar goal.

“You really loud when watch senhora”

“Just enioying the athmoshere. So glad can be back to the match. And besides im just loud when neymar made a goal sir” i replied him.

“Haha, how do you think about the first match?” I asked

“PSG dominated the ball possesion. Mbappe on the right position and walla his assist sucess to make a goal” I replied

“This is League 1. Of course PSG dominated the ball position”

“I may not the fans of PSG in the past. But I know that now PSG is good at attacking. Neymar, Di Maria, Mbappe” I answered

“Yeah” he replied me back

“Hopefully their doing great at Champion League” I said

“Champion league is the real competition, I guess?” He try to make a statement.

“Exactly” I replied.


We walked out the stadium. PSG end up winning 2-0.

“So, see you when I see you?” I said

“You may leave your number” he said

“You better said, can I have your number. Bruh!” I said with a smile

“Okay you win. So, can I have your number?” He asked politely, giving his cellphone to me

“Sure” I started to wrote my number to his cell phone. Then give it back to him

“Gracias” he said

” De nada” i replied shortly

“So it’s a good bye?” He try to make a sentence

“You can call me if you need a friend while enjoying the Paris air” I confess

“Haha, I’ll remember that senhora” he answered with a smile.

“Good bye” I said shortly while stepping backwards and smiling

“See you again, senhora” he reply with a simple smile as well

Draxler now change to be more wise, the boy who tend to be life glamorous becoming a boy named Draxler who passionate at fotball and getting bigger with that. Thanks to the girl who exotically sarcastic who made him praise the little thing in life.

The End

Book Review: Looking for Alaska

I go to see a good perhaps

That was the last word of the poet Francois Rabelais. The last word above was the basic reason why Miles Walter -main character- the unpopular guy at school finally go out from his comfort zones and also go out from his hometown florida to go to Boarding School in Alabama hope to find a good perhaps. Being famous at high school probably not his good perhaps, but he found another big perhaps and a great point of view and also living a life through his friends Kolonel, Takumi, and Alaska. With them he learn what is the loyality are and what is real friendship are.

The book is really John Green, the plot that is simple but beautifuly romantic, the tone, and also the style is so him. Just like The Fault in Our Star this book include a romantic and phylosopic quotes, and not like the other teenage novel John Green adding the story up with a some knowledge so the readers indirectly gaining something beneficially beside to be entertained by this.

A Warmth Cup of Coffee and You

Urban places identically with activities, it’s really normal if we need a cup of coffee. Even the busy people or the normal one’s. coffee is a mind relaxing,eh?

For me personally coffee is more than as a mind relaxing, it’s how i connected with you.

Yes, you the one who makes coffee have more than just its meaning.

The one that made coffee as a destiny.


A central park is pretty crowded by people walking in from one place to another to go to work , had a morning run, or just stepping by for a relaxing walk.

Winter seems didn’t disturb people activities and they still busy with their work.

I stopped by to starbuck -a named of the largest coffee outlet brand that exist- to grab my Americano Coffee mixing with a bit milk and sugar that made by request. I know sometimes people drink Americano Coffee cause they really loved how bitter taste of it but i much like adding a little bit of milk to make it more sweet and appetising. Besides the name make me feel like i’m in home.

It’s 06.30 AM in the morning when i go out from the shop and New York already bustling and crazy with the activities. The cold air of a New York this morning dammed up by my favourite grey H&M sweat shirt. It’s still cold, so i put on my Hooded Jacket and walk away the shop with a cup of coffee in my hand.

I took a depth breath when i arrived my office, yeah i work for the Vogue magazine, internship to be honest but hopefully i got the position after it. I intern as a content writer there.

“Good morning Ann” a blonde girl name Lisa said when i get in to the lobby, she sitting on a receptionist desk and enjoying her green tea. Her favorite she says!

“Morning my blondie” answered me with a simple smile

“Not running late again?” She asked with a naughty smile

“Im on time now honey ” answered me, turn my head then walk around to the lift. She just rolled her eyes as an answer.


I went into the corner desk, my place. I see the New York skyscraper through my window, usual view.

“Good morning New York” I said with a smile and took a depth breath.

I opened up my iMac and started to work the day.

It’s 07.00 PM when i go out from the office. The deadline made me crazy and worked harder today. And I went to the apartment a bit more longer.


I walked fast to the Starbuck Coffee, the tired day from night before cannot be defeated by my alarm. So here I’am spitting the cold morning air of a New York trying to still settle down my mind to not to be panic.

“Usual order Ann?” Asked the Starbuck waiter named Gregory with a smile.

“Yea, and doin’ it faster” answered me put my head down to my bag looking for my purse

“Running late again?” Asked him with a naughty smile

“Yea, my alarm and my body had a bad cooperation” answered me while pay the Coffee.


My handphone crowded with a notification, this is what happen when i’m late. Genna my internship bosses or supervisor buzzle up my phone.

“Here you go, your order is ready Ann” Gregory while give my order.

“Thank you” answered me with my head down busy with a handphone and my hand receiving the Coffee.

When i turn around my body, my body bump up someone. The coffee spill into his white shirt.

“Omg, i’m sorry” i try to clean up his shirt with my hand.

“No, the sorry is not accepted” he said.

“What? How come? What do you want?” Asked me shockly, my phone still really annoying and this guy is started to be annoying me as well.

“I want you to buy me a shirt” he answer, act like a handsome high school guy.

“Okay, i’ll but you a shiry gimme your adress. And i’ll send it to you directly” i reply him, impatiently.

“No, i want you to buy me right now. I’ll accompany you” he said.

“What happen with you? I’m in hurry dude” reply me, and still busy with the phone.

“You have to made a responsibility Miss” he said softly get closer to my ear.

“Don’t be impolite sir. I really busy now, i can’t fullfill your wishes. Just let me gave you a money and you can buy it yourself” asked me pull out some buck from my purse then give it to him.

He shaked his head and smirking.

“No Miss, still same offering”.



Your fired Ann.


I snuffle. Seen my latest message from Genna.

“Thank you for make me fired from my Internship sir” i said to him

“Where do you Internship?” He asked

“Vogue magazine, and its really not your bussiness. Im free now, and go lets get your shirt and we’re done” i said impatiently, hold so much anger inside.

“I’m not expect for this damaging. So let me say sorry first Miss” he said with his body bent like in the romance movie.

“No time to chill, Sir. Seriously” i said not impress at all. And walk into the door followed by him.


“So, the internship is really Important for you?” He asked while we’re walking.

I just shake my head up and down slowly and stare straigh ahead blankly, musing.

“Don’t worry you will get your job back if you really want it” he said try to accomplishing.

“Impossible, you ruined it” answered me feckless

“Trust me” he said.

“What brand are your Shirt?” Asked me when we’re arriving into Times Square.

“Oh it’s Reils Belfort” said him. But you probably could buy me lower than that. I can afford it.

“No I buy you Marc&Spencer is that okay? The shop is there” i asked, i know that Marc&Spencer is actually have the exact same price with Reils Belfort but fine, it’s really my bad day.

“No, buy me H&M please, i just made you lost your Internship. I can afford H&M” he said with a cool accent

“Okay, thank you for not make my day more worst” i said sarcasticly, he is the one who ruined my internship.

We walk four block to find an H&M store.

The coffee shirt guy is not bad as a friend shopping, at least he made me forget about my problem when we’re shopping. Or probably i’m the one who seriosly want to buy him a shirt. He try as much as a white shirt that we could get, and we try almost every size, eventhough he know his size but he still try another size and he also try another shirt mixed up and ask for my opinion from the craziest till the most great taste. he seems lika a designer or someone who work at the fashion world, i wondering.


“Thank you for the shirt Miss” he said when we’re out of the Store.

“No problem, responsibility you said,eh?” I said a bit forget about my anger to him

“So?” He said

“So, it’s done. I will get back to my apartment. And cry a river because of the ruined internship” i said

“You will get your things back” he said mysteriously soft.

“I hope so” i said

“You really need your time then” said him.

“I know, so good bye. I hope those shirt is fulfill your Reils Belfort” said me

“Dont worry about that, so go find a your time. So sorry for the ruined internship. Good bye” said him open up his hand give an honour, so gentleman but that time i’m not to impress and just walk away with a small wave in my hand. He just small head shaking. And the end of the meeting today.


Today morning i decided to went to Starbuck with my laptop in my bag to wrote something. I planned to called Genna to probably make a recall for me. But first i had to finished my weekly article for blog and I decide do it at Starbuck.


“As always Greg” said me with a smile

“I heard you got fired. I felt sorry about that Ann” said Greg

“It’s okay. Thank you Greg” answered me.

“Here you go Ann” said Greg i pull up some dollars from my purse and give it to him as a pay and tips.

“Thank you” I said and choose a place near the window to sit, i opened up my laptop and star to wrote.


The coffee shirt boy, get in into the Shop and saw me sitting with a laptop. He walk to me, and saw me for a while. After that he made a phone call.


“Hello” the coffee shirt boy saying something with his cool charisma

“Oh, hey. I see you again” i looked up to him and smile back.

“Here for you” he said giving a cup of Starbuck

“What is this?”

“Green tea latte” he said then sitting in front of me

“I’m not child hun” i said with a smile

“Just try, you would like it.” He smile

“I tend to ordering Americano and now you gave me a green tea latte” I confessing.

“Sometimes you need something a bit soft, it’s good for your stomach. Trust me” he said

I drink it a little bit, he is right. The taste is quite sweet and warmth.

“Not bad” I said licking my upper lips.He just smiling as an answer.

“What are you doing?” He asked

“Working, i have a fashion blog” i answered

“Right, mind you follow me? I have something for you” he asked

“I’m not done yet, but okay” i said, he just smiling

I closed my Macbook put in into bag and after that we’re walk out the Starbuck and went to my surprise.


We stopped in my Old office,

“What we’re doing?” I asked

“Just followed me” he answered.

We get in to the Office. Everyone nod to him.

“What floor are yours” he asked

“7th and corner desk” i answered. He nod to me as we get in to the lift


The lift door open when we arrived at 7th floor. We walked out and went to the my desk.

“Good afternoon Mr.Evan” Misha the secretary that i know to well noding politely to him. She also smiling to me and giving a what the hell are you doing walking with him stare. I just shake my head as an answer.

“There you go, welcome to the Vogue family” he said with small smile, typical him.

“You can’t be serious” i yelled automatically, then shut my mouth with my hand

He just laughing.

“No miss, Mr.Evan is right. Welcome to the family. Sorry for the fired message that i send it to you” Genna said while walking in to us.

“Thank you. Evan?” I said with a big smile

“Your welcome Miss? Who’s your name Miss?” He asked

“Haha, right. I’m Salome” I said stick out my hand to Evan and he grasp my hand.

“Nice too meet you” he said started joking. I just smile and we got a few minutes eye contact.


“Seriously thank you so much for the Job” I said to Evan. We’re walk slowly through the crowd in Times Square.

“I just do what i can do to help, and beside you deserve it” he said

“But it mean a lot to me” i said

“You deserve it anyways, and dont come late again” he said with a naughty smirk

“How did you know?” I asked shockly nudge his shoulder slowly.

” of course i find out the information about my candidates” he answered. I just rolled my eyes and he just laughing.

“Promise” i answered softly.

“Nice” he relpy.

He started to stare intensly into my eyes, i stared back into his warmth eyes that i just realize. He started to close our distance, and yes his lips landed into mine. It’s just soft warmth kiss on a cold air of a new york, worth enough to be remembered forever.

Sometimes good thing happen for the unexpexted

Hidden Star Behind the Jersey

“Sometimes all we need is a remind to keep the dream alives”


You know where to bought the new headphone?” Said the boy who likes to wear glasses known by Dave.

“Why? Your dad is discomfort you with his ambitious again?” Replied me while i hold his scarf -he tend to put off his scarf when he get disturbed and feeling upset- .

“Yes, i did all the College test quite good, but he still mentioning about my fotball things and again he said that fotball didn’t bring me anywhere but a good body and a bunch of medias eyes” he kicked all the rock on the way while explaining just like child who upset because of the things that he cannot get.

“We all know that your dad is want you to be a Doctor so bad, in fact he is a man with deliberation. Have you asked him politely about that?” Asked me

“Everytime we talked about reason its always end up by a door slamming and a cold dinner or breakfast” he answering sarcasticly and kicking out one of the rock hardly makes the bird on The Thames river -The Black Rivers that pass trough the London Bridges- fly away.

“It probably different ending if you at least throw away your ego’s and forgetting about your disappointment for a while when both of you are talking” suggested me.

“It’s always harder when it comes to the real situation. You know it, right?” Answered him thruthfully.

“But the one who had a control to the act is still you. Just take a depth breath and throw away your humanist for a while” me getting a bit mad at his childist though replying his statement.

He just answering with -you probably correct- facial expression. And i’m taking my depth breath as a respond.


It’s 5.30 PM when Dave come to the house. He found his dad sitting on a chair watching about the politicians news, normal routine as a politicians workers huh.

“Hello dad” Dave try to start a normal conversation.

“What do you want son?” Dave daddy to the point.

“You don’t want to start a conversation with your son?” Asked Dave a bit shock about his dad answer.

“You just being unusual” answered his dad.

“I know i’ve been cold to you for the rest of my life. Let me redeem that?” Dave try to polite.

“There’s no father who didn’t want to have a nice time with her son” Dave dad answered, i cannot believe it could be this easy so far.


07.12 PM Dinner time

“Dad may i asked you something?” Dave started to get into the point.

“Asked what son?” Dave dad answered it shortly while ate his pieces of meat with the fork.

“Why you forbid me to play football even only watch the match?” Asked me.

Dave dad answered in silence,

“Dad you know that i love football very much, right?” Asked Dave again his emotion started to increase.

His dad still didn’t replying his words.

Calm down Dave ….. Calm down….

“Dad” said Dave softly.

“How’s your college?” Asked his dad quibbled.

“You quibbling” answered him

“You insist” answered his dad shortly

Dave just take a depth breath

“You know, i think i’m full” Said Dave sarcastic while get up from his chair. The warmth dinner expectation faded away.


“How is it? Didn’t work?” Asked me

“Yeah he answer all of my question silently” reply Dave

“You need to be more patient Dave, go asked him again” me try to force Dave a bit harder.

” I can’t, i give up try to fix our relationship with him.” Said Dave.

“Just don’t make the situation to be more worse” asked me

” i will work for it” answered Dave.


06.45 PM

Dave get home 15 minutes earlier before Dinner. He saw his dad sitting on a living room and he just went upstair without greet his dad and he skipped dinner.


Knock …. knock ….

Dave dad knocked his room.

“Busy dad” answered Dave short and sarcastic

“I’m here with the explanation are you sure didn’t want me to come in?” Said his dad.

Cklek ….

Door is unlocked, Dave dad swung the door handle and get in to the dave room.

“I like your room decoration” his dad stared at the Dave room while starting a conversation.

“Thank you” answered Dave.

“I know that you still sneaked watched the football matches with your friend Emily” continued his dad.

“It’s kinda tired do that” confess Dave

“I’m sorry for making you did that my son” respond his dad

“So about the reason?” Asked me.

“Follow me” said his dad then turn around get out from Dave room. They went to his daddy room.


Sound the old black cupboard when it opened. Dave dad move his eyes looking for something. After a few times his hand pull out a shirt that known as an Arsenal jersey.

Dave just shock, he didnt expect someone like his daddy also like football.

“I used to play football when i was young” his daddy confessing.

“Then what happen? There must be something look for the fact that you hate football right now” asked Dave

“I’m on a waiting list” answered his dad

“And the dream never come to you?” Asked me softly

“Power still hold the decision” answered his daddy.

“I felt sorry about that dad” said Dave while hold his dad shoulder

“I just don’t want you to be disappointing just like me” said his daddy.

“But why you keep the jersey ? I though that you we’re angry with them?” Asked Dave

“Sometimes all we need is a remind to keep the dream alive” answered his daddy wisely.

Dave just smile, and the relationship between them started to getting better after it

Bonjour London Eye


My favourite part about England. The heart of an honorous United Kingdom, a symbol of a classical European Royal family and all it’s remarklable history. A home of a famous British Invasion -The Beatles and a land of a sweet British accent as sweet as it classical romance story and everything in between.

Who don’t know about the Holy Buckingham Palace or the most famous Big Ben as it put in into one of the modern Holy Grail -a symbol of a old architectural with its scandaleous history.

Who don’t love driving around london with a big red bus, or watching one of the big three worldwide local fotball on its marvelous stadium.

Who don’t enjoy sitting around on a bar talking with the sweet English people, or grabing some train in a King Cross Station to seeking around enjoying the green grass of another part of England.

We all know that England is always been related with the tea, even a Boston Tea Party -a name of an event when the US started against the Great Britain (UK) – didn’t made a good history of an England but we can denied that England is the home of a Tea and the tragical story of a sweet Lady Diana.

Above all the London Eye is my number one place to visit every Saturday.

A 135 metres high may take me to see the beautiful view of the whole London. The label “most highest Ferris Wheel on The World” probably made me amaze and feeling lucky can visit it every Saturday.

But one reason that make me choose the London eye is him. The tall boy with a childist act and a perfect nose and Irresistible eyes that made me felt in love with the London Eye.

That day was Saturday night, London is busy as always and also quite cold as it used to be. The people walking around surounding by the technology -a smartphone. Me, i don’t like smartphone on Saturday. I have a routine to walk around enjoying the air of a London night and go to the London Eye to drink a cup of Tea from the exact same small cafe and enjoying the rise of view of a London for a while before it disapear because of the moves of a Circle spinning- just like the circulation of the sun, never be forever but is routine and still constantly beautiful and relaxing-. Nothing is too special other than constantly relaxing until I saw him. He is standing in the corner of the caffee that i usually buy a Tea -which is closed that time- with his black sweeter and his sporty pants also shoes. He started talk to me when he saw my face suddenly change just because of the Close of a small caffee. I told him that it disturbing my meditation and he laugh after it. I told him that its kinda my natural “room heater” when i jumping the London Eye and see my own London view sunrise. He can stop smiling because of my weird routine started with a Tea as a meditation and a sunrise from a view Of the night from the exact same city every week, he said that it only light nothing much. However, he offering to accompany me to enjoying my sunrise, and i say that i can give him some buck -some dollars- that i used to spent for a cup of tea to bought him a free ticket as an answer. He only smile and start walk beside me, a small talk and a soft wind made us comfortable along the way. I’m not expecting that the room of the Pills -the shape of it tend to like a pills- of a London Eye made me a bit nervous and it smaller in my head, this is the first time i stand so close with boys or i said a stranger. None of us sit, we’re standing while we’re moving up. After we reach the top of the view the machine is suddenly stop. I’m a bit panic because of my nervous, he tend to smile and say that now i can enjoy my sunrise a bit more longer. His voice made me calm, i started to smile and view the light of a London night. He really made it better, i start to stared at him, because of he is starring at me. Im afraid that there is something wrong in my face. So far with my expectation, he starting to erase our distance. My mind refuse it but my body is lock. I felt the blood moves faster and the air is more warm when he get closer. And yes, his lips is landing into mine. I should be refusing it, but my human insight is win. I replying his kiss, enjoying every breath that we’re absorbed and the feelings that we’re created. After a few minutes we’re finally stop and laughing at each other after it. And the London Eyes is moving downward to get us back to the land and a cold air of a London.

“Are you a French?” Asked me.

He is smile

“I’m not expecting a girl like you tend to know type of a kissing” and then he is walked away with a smile and a simple hand flapping.

“Gracias, for give me a nice warm morning” yelled me when i saw him getting far.

“My pleasure Madamouse. I’ll see you around” reply him, same yelled and smile.

I’m just smilling and watching him dissapear by the distance.

Some thing didn’t happen twice, but thank God the memory last forever.

After that, every saturday night when i jumped in at the London Eye, i tend to whisper Bonjour London Eye every landing.

And whispered Bonjour to you my monsieur and watch the corner of the caffee, the begin of everything and feel it begin again.


people said distance stronger the feelings

but it’s weaker the possibilities.

people said distance build the patient 

but it’s also can break the trust 

people said distance can mend the  faith

but it destroys the  hope 

even though, distance teach us how to appreciate the moment 

and how important the time

source (pict) : google




He has a remarkable eyes

That remind her into one of her best mistake in the past.

He has a kissrable lips

That drive her crazy everytime she imagine it

He has a perfect nose bone

She found it different with another

He has an innocent heart

That made her so hard to create a distance with

He has an addicting voice

As addicting as a drugs

He is perfect at everything

At least on her eyes, mind, and heart.

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Never mean to hurt him

She is too confused

In fact she is felt too depth into his love

But, she needs to teach him how to be patient

So he can appreciated the process

She need to tell him how precious struggle is

So he can feel the pleasure of being satisfied 

And the result, she will show him a lesson

So he could be a better man in the future

  • S . E . H

source (pict) : google